Entertainment on the water: Seabreacher and Jetovator

Two devices that will literally bring a fresh flow to your summer vacation.


Imagine: a calm wide river or lake, but gradually the roar grows, and a real shark jumps out of the water 3 meters up! To be exact, not a real shark, but quite intimidating – a new kind of entertainment: Seabreacher – something between a submarine and jet ski.

Two people are placed inside the Seabreacher – a passenger and a pilot. Learning how to operate this boat is quite simple. The pilot has the simplest control panel: two levers, with which you can make the “shark” go under water, jump out of it a few meters up or turn, and on each lever there is a gas release. In addition, an audio system and a GPS navigator are installed in the cockpit, there is an iPod dock, and you can also install external cameras. In general, when it comes to personalization, the manufacturer offers many options – from an individual airbrush pattern on the body (this, of course, does not have to be a shark) to various seat finishes.

Seabreachers adapted for both salt and fresh water

An extensive transparent cockpit hood gives an unforgettable sensation – here you are rushing on the water surface, on the sides the shores are flashing, but the levers from yourself – and the car obediently sinks, the pressure makes your ears pop – and here you are rushing in the water column. Such cabin is absolutely tight due to the inflatable seams used in aviation. Even if you forget to pump air into these seams the leakage is small and automatic pumps will remove excess water from the cabin. And the hull itself is lighter than water, so there is no risk of drowning. And if you sink more than 2 meters, all the same nothing bad: the engine without air will lose power and the Seabischer will simply float to the surface. In an emergency situation, you can get out of the cabin by opening the special latches located both inside and outside.

Pilot in the cockpit of a Seabreacher
Pilot in the cockpit of a Seabreacher

The fastest Seabreacher X or Y is capable of speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour on the water surface, thanks to its 1500 cc engine and 260 horsepower. The machine is suitable for both fresh and sea water, but inexperienced drivers should not go into the sea, even in the slightest degree of roughness.

Also recommended always ride under the supervision of an instructor or friends who are ready at any time to come to the aid or to report the appearance of boats or other watercraft on your way on the radio.

All Seabreachers are made to order and take 45-60 days to complete.

Keep in mind that you will definitely need the help of your friends when operating the Seabreacher or Jetovator.

The good news is that if you are bored with the traditional high-speed races on the water, your jet ski has a chance to become your favorite toy again, thanks to a device called Jetovator. You are guaranteed not only to get a lot of brightest impressions, but also become the center of attention of all in whose field of vision you find yourself (and these, it must be assumed, on the summer beach is not uncommon).


The fact is that the device invented in California and costing about $10,000 allows you to rise up to 10 meters in the air and soar, fly at a speed of up to 40 km/h, do aerobatics or dive underwater to a depth of one meter – and all this almost without training and certainly without the need for any certificates or driving licenses.

It takes two to ride the Jetovator: one “flies” and the second supplies gas

How does it work? In fact, the Jetovator itself is a fairly simple device, which is equipped with two handles and three nozzles. In fact, it is an attachment to a traditional jet ski – it is suitable for most of the most popular brands and easy to remove and put on, the most important thing is that the power of the jet ski is not below 130 hp. A 15-meter hose is put on the nozzles of the jet ski, through which water under pressure is fed to the “flying stool”. Here, the flow (3000 liters per minute!) Distributed into three independent jets, which “rider” and manages with the help of special handles. It is like in an airplane: steering wheel moves up and you take off, and steering wheel moves forward and you descend. Since the handles are independent of each other, it makes it possible to do different figures, e.g. to rotate on the spot.

It won’t be possible to control Jetovator alone: here you’ll need a friend who will sit on the Jet ski and supply gas – the producer recommends turning knob to 80 percent of power. The same friend will be able to turn off the gas and, if necessary, to help.

Is it hard to control?

In principle, to master this toy can be fairly quickly (the creators say that enough ten minutes), but it is still recommended to pass at least an hour of instruction from an experienced user (such an instructor should be at every official dealer). In addition, be sure to go to the flight over water in a special helmet and life jacket – yet the fall from a height of 10 meters can be sensitive. However, this activity is so fascinating and unusual that failures only encourage.

Jetovator is a fairly simple device, which is equipped with two handles and three nozzle