Startup presented an electric hydrofoil jet ski

Boundary Layer Technologies has shown the Valo Hyperfoil concept. Record speed is not its only feature.

the fastest among electric jet skis

This jet ski not only achieves record speeds, but also has a fairly high mileage on a single charge.

Valo Hyperfoil’s main goal is to create a new class of “ultra-efficient” electric personal two-seater jet skis that can lift out of the water on hydrofoils and go faster than any other watercraft you can buy.

Fastest Jet Ski

In terms of power, the Valo doesn’t compete with high-end jet skis – some of these monsters have more than 300 horsepower, the Valo has an engine with only 80 kW, or 108 hp. On the other hand, it doesn’t need to push its entire hull through the water, as it rises 60 cm above the surface of the water using retractable hydrofoils stabilized by sophisticated software.

jet ski Valo sunset

The range of this watercraft is not too bad: at a cruising speed of about 64 km/h full battery is enough for 1.7 hours or about 107 km. But, of course, the “cruise” mode is not about jet skis. So you’ll need a charging point nearby, and once plugged in, the Valo will be able to charge 50% in 1 hour or 95% in 3 hours.

charging jet ski

The company says that the first prototype will be ready soon, and the cost of such a means of fast travel on water will be $59,000. Deliveries of the Valo Hyperfoil Founders Edition are scheduled for mid-2023, with mass production beginning in 2024.

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