The longest jet ski journey in history

South African adventurers Adriaan Marais and Marinus du Plessis made history by completing the longest journey on an aquabike (PWC) to date. Covering a staggering 17,266.69 km (10,729 miles) on their personal watercraft, the duo followed the west coast of North America south to the Panama Canal. Their journey culminated in Panama City, Panama, on September 19, 2006, after 95 days of navigation.

The longest jet ski journey in history

Marais and du Plessis embarked on this remarkable expedition to challenge themselves and raise awareness about the importance of ocean conservation. Their journey began in Anchorage, Alaska, and took them through some of the most remote and pristine coastal regions in the world. Along the way, they experienced a wide range of weather conditions and navigated through potentially dangerous waters.

Both experienced adventurers, Marais and du Plessis planned the journey meticulously to ensure their safety and success. They relied on a combination of satellite navigation, local knowledge, and their own intuition to make their way through uncharted waters. The pair also carried all necessary safety equipment, food, water, and fuel on their personal watercraft.

The journey was not without its challenges. Marais and du Plessis encountered numerous obstacles, including rough seas, strong currents, and extreme weather. At times, they were forced to delay their progress and wait for favorable conditions to continue. Despite these setbacks, their determination and resourcefulness saw them through to the end.

Marinus du Plessis

Their record-breaking accomplishment has captured the attention of the international community and has inspired countless others to embark on their own adventures. With this incredible feat, Marais and du Plessis have proven that personal watercraft can be used for much more than recreational purposes – they can be a means of exploration, discovery, and making a difference in the world.

The South African duo has undoubtedly set a high bar for future adventurers, and their incredible 17,266.69 km (10,729 miles) journey on aquabikes (PWC) will be remembered for years to come.