Riding a jet ski: a beginner’s guide

Surely you’ve watched with envy a man in a stylish suit gracefully cutting through the waves on a jet ski? And how bitterly languid it is to watch him at sea, when the sun burns to the top of your head, and you want to refresh yourself and experience something new sometime. Jet skiing is now available at almost every self-respecting beach, and there’s absolutely nothing to be shy about your inability to ride it. Now we are going to correct this embarrassment.

Jet ski cannot be called a cheap kind of entertainment, but its popularity is still growing with each holiday season. Of course, every year there are those who want to try a ride. But how many of them can cope with a jet ski?

Jet skis can be standing or seated. Accordingly, these jet skis can be operated standing or sitting. The first type is more suitable for high-speed riding, and the second – for water soccer, freestyle on the water, and performing various tricks.

This water vehicle is very similar to a motorcycle, not only in appearance, but also in terms of power. Hydrocycle can pick up speeds up to 120 km / h, and sitting behind the wheel, it should be understood that the control is many times more complicated than that of a land motorcycle. There are no unpredictable waves on the ground, the asphalt does not ripple, and the bike stands stable.

Before you get behind the wheel, you should listen very carefully to the instructor and familiarize yourself with the safety rules.

Get on the jet ski from behind so you don’t tip over. Tie a rope to the handlebars, and to the vest, which must be worn. Now bravely activate the flap in the form of a lever or button next to the gas tank, and start the hydrobike. Next, everything is very similar to riding a motorcycle: twist the handle for gas, release to reduce speed, or clamp the brake lever. You have to turn the jet ski like a bicycle, only you have to press on the gas. Otherwise, the jet ski will move straight ahead, regardless of the handlebar position.

To minimize the possibility of an accident, before riding your jet ski you should:

  1. Be at least 18 years old;
  2. Be instructed in how to operate a jet ski, and safety precautions. 3;
  3. Do not drink alcohol before riding;
  4. Wear a life jacket;
  5. Make sure that there is gasoline in the tank, and that the jet ski is in good working order.

Besides just knowing how to be safe and listening to instructions, experience in riding a similar vehicle is highly desirable. Try to ride an ordinary scooter, or an uncomplicated motorcycle to gain confidence. After practicing on the ground, feel free to start riding a jet ski.