The fastest jet skis in 2022

Jet skis have become a part of the entertainment part of resort recreation. Limitless movement and fast pace will give an unforgettable experience. The first aquabikes were used to perform stunts on the water. Later there were modifications for towing and quiet family rides.

Price for a scooter is high and, choosing a product with long-term prospects, focus on quality and internal filling. The main parameter is considered speed. And here, in each category there is a leader, which has no equal.

This article presents the top of the most powerful jet skis, compiled by the reviews of real users. It will help to make a choice and reduce costs.

The Fastest Recreational Jet Ski

Fans of water adventures at first glance, it would seem that the sports and touring models have no differences. However, the recreational version has more capacity and comfort, as well as holding steady on the surface of the water.

Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO

Jet ski Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO

An advanced model from American manufacturers at an average price among its counterparts. The Cruiser prefix indicates that the jet ski is ready for long rides in comfort. Thanks to the powerful 4-stroke Super Vortex High Output turbocharged and cooled engine, it finds rave reviews among sportsmen as well. The car easily reaches speeds over 100 km/h and remains a comfortable and stable means of transportation.

Manufacturers have lightened the construction by 18% from previous models, applying the latest technology NanoXcel2, while maintaining the strength and stability of the bike.

The scooter is maximally equipped with modern devices:

  • cruise control, rear traction control
  • steering column adjustment
  • ample watertight luggage compartments
  • сomfortable seating for 3 people.

Kawasaki Ultra 310LX

An ingenious invention of the legendary Japanese company, practicing in the production of transport systems in different directions. With a breeze will take a company of up to 3 people in any water area. The lightweight design of Deep-V allows you to make sharp maneuvers and easy turns, entering stable roll angles. An innovative, unparalleled multimedia device will give your rides the drive of quality sound from your favorite track list.

Jet Ski Kawasaki ULTRA 310LX

The powerful 310 hp 4-cylinder engine helps the jet ski easily accelerate to 108 km/h, which sets it apart from its recreational competitors. The ULTRA 310LX features:

  • self-cooling comfort seat
  • directional trim program
  • throttle control for switching between riding modes
  • intelligent control system for selecting silent running and cruise control modes.

Sea-Doo Wake Pro 230


A three-seater aquabike that has undergone an upgrade and is introduced in 2020 in a new format. It is now more stable and comfortable to handle. The model will serve as an excellent companion for tourist holidays, picnics on the water and wakeboarding. At maximum speed the jet-ski reaches a speed of 104 km/h. The scooter is equipped with:

  • Modern stereo system with two powerful speakers
  • Intelligent control with a choice of 5 modes of acceleration
  • Engine Rotax 1500 HO ACE turbocharged, 230 hp.

The Fastest Sports Jet Ski

Competition modifications are adapted for comfortable riding at high speeds and performing extreme stunts. These models have aggressive design, high performance, lightweight body, one seat or its complete absence.

Powerful jet-ski among all presented models of the company Sea-Doo. Fans of extreme riding will appreciate the rapid acceleration to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds. Manufacturers have scrupulously worked out the details of the scooter:

  • The V-shaped hull and “shark gills” contribute to good water balance, even when riding fast
  • The design gives the rider maximum fairness with the jet ski
  • Low rudder with VTS system, which is designed to adjust the control mode depending on weather conditions and number of passengers.

Yamaha Super Jet 700

Jet Ski Yamaha Super Jet 700

Energetic Japanese jet ski, which by all its appearance speaks of crazy maneuvers and impressive tricks. This model is very popular among fans of the drive primarily because of the low price, against the background of other well-known brands. It accelerates up to 73 km/h, which is enough for riding standing and doing jumps. The advantages of Super Jet 700 are in the details:

  • the lightweight body
  • a key that shuts off the engine if the driver falls.
  • rubberized footbed
  • redundancies for easy maneuvering
  • anti-corrosion treatment for increased durability

Kawasaki Jet SKI SX-R 1500

The fastest jet ski, repeatedly winning championships and amateur races. The high performance of the mechanism will give unforgettable emotions to any rider.

Jet Ski Kawasaki Jet SKI SX-R 1500

The water motorcycle is capable of reaching high speeds of over 100 km/h. At the same time he retains the smoothness of movement and maneuverability. Among the main advantages are:

  • protection of the athlete from splashing
  • a wide platform for stability and balance
  • a steering column adjustable to the height of the athlete.

The benefits described are not a guide to action, but represent information gathered from users’ opinions. The choice is left to the prospective purchaser based on individual characteristics.