What are jet skis: varieties of water bikes

The demands of people who want to spend their summer holidays in an unconventional and exciting way are growing. And the supply does not lag behind the demand. Therefore, jet ski has long turned from a resort exotic to a popular attribute of water leisure. If you want to push the land horizons of entertainment in the bodies of water, read about aquabikes and the subtleties of their choice.

Key features of jet skis

A jet ski is a self-propelled motor vehicle that is designed to travel quickly on water. The main purposes with which the water scooter perfectly copes: measured walks on water surroundings, fishing, as well as participation in extreme competitions on bodies of water.

Jet Ski Yamaha GP1800R
Yamaha GP1800R

Regardless of the purpose of operation, aquabike is able to give the owner unforgettable emotions — speed, making the heart beat faster, and a sense of infinite freedom.

One of the key advantages of jet skis – compactness and, consequently, excellent cross-country ability. Yes, on such a vehicle can arrange walks even on very narrow rivers and channels, to swim under low bridges. Technically, a jet ski has no less complex device than a snowmobile or a land motorcycle. It belongs to small vessels, and therefore is subject to obligatory registration.

Types of jet ski designs

All models of jet skis have a similar structure: lightweight fiberglass hull, internal combustion engine (two- or four-stroke). Further differences are possible. There are two types of aquabike construction:


As a rule, these models are used for competitions, as well as performing tricks and maneuvers (for example, jumping over water). For this purpose, they are made light, maneuverable and high-speed. Such boats can accelerate up to 120 km/h. (for example, Yamaha SuperJet™).

Standing jet ski Yamaha SuperJet
Standing jet ski Yamaha SuperJet


In these water bikes priority is given to the comfort of movement on water for “helmsman” and his passengers. There are most often two- and three-seater models. They are not as fast and maneuverable, but more balanced, safe and stable (Yamaha VX Cruiser®, Yamaha FX Cruiser® High Output).

Seating jet ski Yamaha VX Cruiser
Seating jet ski Yamaha VX Cruiser

Types of jet skis

To facilitate the choice of a water scooter, manufacturers adhere to a certain classification of vehicles. So, when buying an aquabike, focus on the type to which the vehicle belongs — it should fit your purpose of use.

Touring jet skis

Designed for comfortable, long journeys. The peculiarity of such models is that they can be ridden not only alone, but also with two or three or four passengers (for example, Yamaha VX Cruiser® HO). Also such water bikes, as a rule, are equipped with luggage compartment for transportation of the necessary things during the trip, life jackets, provisions. Structurally, the difference between tourist versions is the presence of a footrest, as well as a special structure of the sides, which are designed to protect passengers from splashing. This is the type of aquabike we use for jet ski tours in Tenerife.

Sport Aquabikes

Much more compact compared to touring jet skis (for example, Yamaha GP1800). Their sphere of destination — water races — demands it. True, a driver who masters such a vehicle from scratch will have a hard time. It is better to train and master driving skills on ordinary models.

Sports-tourist hybrids

Models for those who want all and at once: both to ride and to compete, but cannot decide what is more important for him. By technical characteristics it is the average variant between tourist and sports jet skis. Models can be found as single-seater as well as for two passengers. Such vessels are equipped with a powerful enough motor, but at the same time have a lighter weight.