How does a jet ski?

Many people think that a jet ski is a completely new modern means of transportation on the water surface. Although in reality they appeared quite a long time ago, in 1968.

2011 Yamaha VX Deluxe WaveRunner photo

Around the world, the jet ski is quite well distributed, and it is used by many fans of dissecting water spaces. Some choose a jet ski for unhurried family walks on the water, which gives a lot of positive emotions. For others, a jet ski is a great tool to brighten up a holiday resort and ride for fun with the breeze. And still, others prefer various water races, competitions, and entertainment that arrange jet skiers, turning it into a real sport.

But everyone is interested in how the jet ski works.

The material will discuss the main points regarding the device of a water scooter or jet ski.

The device of a jet ski and the principle of its operation

Usually jet skis can carry one or more passengers on their board. This unit is designed for sliding on the water surface or performing various water tricks. This is the official definition of a jet ski.

  1. Usually a jet ski has a certain length, from 2, 5 to 3 meters, the width is usually a little more than a meter. The height above the water surface of the jet ski, as a rule, is close to 0.6 – 1.2 meters. The dry weight of a jet ski is usually 250-280 kilograms. And they, as already indicated, can carry from one to three passengers.
  2. Jet skis are based on a fairly powerful engine  (fastest jet skis)– up to 130 horsepower and a water jet engine. This is a single-stage jet pump. A water-jet engine, as a rule, acts on the principle of a propeller. In other words, water in such a structure will be sucked in from the front. The pump blades will, like the propeller blades, accelerate, after which the water will simply be forced out of the stern of the swimming vehicle.
  3. You can say that a real jet force is created, which drives the entire jet ski. The design of a water cannon usually consists of a pump with a shaft, a water cannon pipe, a straightening device, and a so-called reverse steering device.
  4. During the rotation of the pump on the suction side of its blades, as well as a part such as a propeller, a certain discharge may occur. It is due to this process that the water in the receiving pipe will rise to the pump wheel.

Some nuances in the operation of the jet ski engine

Everyone knows that the engine is the basis of any type of water transport. It is like the heart of the entire small vessel, so it is important to know certain basics of its work.

Jet Ski Engine photo

The engine is located inside the jet ski, it is equipped with a special protection system against water ingress.

  • Typically, engines have a water cooling system, a lubrication system, an ignition system, and an electric starter. The cooling system can be either open, with the intake of liquid from the jet ski water jet, or closed.
  • The crankshaft of the jet ski is connected to the drive by a special part called the impeller. Water passes through it. Then it penetrates the nozzle, which has a certain narrowing.
  • After that, the water flow will have its acceleration. And there will be a fairly large indicator of pressure at the exit. It is this principle of operation that makes the jet ski move on the surface of the water. We can say that this is the main principle of the operation of a jet ski.